This does take me back.

Oct. 3rd of this year I will be on a flight to Washington DC for the Boone County (Iowa) Freedom Flight. Many aboard this second annual flight are from the Vietnam War era.

I was among the last to be classified as a Vietnam War veteran. Although I never went to VIetnam, many of my drill instructors spun tales about what war was really like, especially that war. My eyes were opened in many ways during my four year tour from February, 1975 to February, 1979.

I could not have been any less interested in history, but as I witnessed the influx of Vietnamese refugees pouring onto base at our training in Camp Pendeleton, California, I was stunned that everything our veterans had fought for seemed to be for naught.

As a United States Marine, I stood proud graduating from boot camp and stepping into a new era of peace, only once was our squadron notified to be on alert in 1976 as we might be called up to respond to a hot spot on the African continent.

Today, the world is standing on the precipice of war again, after having seen new enemies emerge in the 1990s and again at the turn of the century.

As I prepare to go on this Freedom Flight I am fascinated by the history of the VIetnam War as presented by Ken Burns’ 10 part documentary on PBS.

Just as much as the world is divided, our nation appears divided as never before.

Yet, then as now, courageous men and women are called to serve in our Armed Forces.

It is time to simply stand tall and pray to God that history will stop repeating itself. But alas, there will be wars and rumors of war and we must not retreat from the realities before us.

It is a time of great spiritual warfare as well, we must not forget that our mightiest weapon is still in our hands.


America can and must return to it. Even though our culture opposes it, we must not shirk from our individual duty to do so on behalf of this great country.




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