Facing the Giant: The Process Defined

Five inspirational articles from the author’s life and ten keys to help you bounce back from loss.  Boost your faith!
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“In all joy, there is sadness; in all sadness, there is joy.”

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Guardian Angel. Battlefield Memories. Destiny Arrives.

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About Me

Marvin Wilmes is an observer of the human condition, writes about life’s passions, faith and hope and opens the reader’s eyes to “the process.” In addition to a memoir, Marvin is bringing to the arena a contemporary post Vietnam War era fantasy. Marvin is an Iowa resident with Missouri roots, a cancer survivor and most of all, an eclectic storyteller. Writing from a diverse background of experience, Marvin celebrates the gift of hope and faith in God’s purpose for living life and living it more abundantly.

Key Publications is dedicated to stories of faith and inspiration. Follow his weekly blog filled with stories and observations of life in the mainstream with a Christian worldview. Marvin is working on a sequel to Beyond the Horizon and also has a series of mini-ebooks in development on “The Process Defined. You can download your free copy of the inspirational article Facing the Giant which was featured in a compilation of essays written by Authors for Christ entitled “Let Hope Arise.” The PDF download also includes an inspirational message from Marvin about coping with loss.


Read my regularly updated blog for commentary on faith, hope and the process defined.

No pit is deep enough…

......that He is not deeper still. I did not have to look far to find a topic for my second post. Last weekend, I happened to catch The Hiding Place, the inspiring true story of Corrie Ten Boom. My interest was nostalgic in nature, I had not seen the movie since 1977...

The Storm

In the old days, what seems like years ago, I wrote a weekly column for the Cherokee Daily Times in Cherokee, Iowa. It was called Around the Block. Each week, I scavenged through local and national headlines and even on some occasions, my personal life as it was...


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