Detour ahead.

There has been a huge time gap between my last post and this one, but that is the reality of life. We don’t always hold the remote control and detours can occur along the way.

I am a six year bladder cancer survivor and as such six years ago I assured this title by enduring a 12 hour surgery which made me the proud owner of a new neobladder to replace my diseased bladder.

Without getting too technical, I hit a roadblock in my happy carefree life when my system literally shut down and I ended up in the hospital for 17 days. The culprit – a perforated neobladder.

I am happy to report that I have fully recovered from this unfortunate health crisis and with the exception of some fatigue and continuing recovery from the surgery I had on March 3rd to repair the neobladder, the outcome was a total healing brought on by many prayers said on my behalf. Not to mention the excellent care I received by the doctors and nursing staff at Mary Greeley Hospital in Ames, Iowa.

I was in the middle of working on and launching this website and my deadline was missed. Yet, I was given a word not to worry. Take care of yourself first, all this will wait.

And it has. My detour took through a deeply spiritual awakening that had already been well underway for nearly two years. I’ve come to the conclusion that the detour was not authored by God, but used by God to further allow the writer in me to grow and move forward.

This website, my two books already published and work yet to be written are actually the fulfillment of a vision I had as a young Marine serving in Japan some 39 years ago. At the time, I thought the vision meant I would arrive at my destination much quicker.

I’m satisfied that I haven’t. There was so much life and joy experienced in the last four decades, living adventures and embracing the highs and lows of my unique call in life. It all has not been in the spotlight. The most precious memories and blessings occurred in the loving arms of friends and family.

I arrived at this year with a mantra of faith and hope that I want to give my readers in my writing.

Here we are.

Let’s begin.


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